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    Name 6 children using my favourite names

    Girl 1

    First name: Eva, Olivia, Lexie, Jasmine, Mila
    Middle name: Louise, April, Iris, Kathryn, Grace

    Girl 2

    First name: Aya, Violet, Florence, Hazel, Matilda
    Middle name: India, Rose, Emma, Marie, Lila

    Girl 3

    First name: Luna, Willow, Harriet, Theodora, Miya
    Middle name: Mary, Ida, Elsie, Mae, Christina

    Boy 1

    First name: Ivan, Ari, Toby, Oliver, Finley
    Middle name: Christopher, James, Ryan, Geoffrey, Zachary

    Boy 2

    First name: Luca, Edmund, Jude, Michael, Theodore
    Middle name: Fraser, Morgan, Jacob, Timothy, Andrew

    Boy 3

    First name: Sol, Windsor, Amos, Stephen, Ezra
    Middle name: Brendan, Eli, Nathan, Sebastian, Dexter

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    Name 6 children using my favourite names
    Girl 1

    Eva Iris

    Girl 2
    Matilda Rose

    Girl 3

    Theodora Mae

    Boy 1

    Finley Christopher
    Boy 2

    Jude Timothy
    Boy 3

    Amos Eli
    I like WAY too many names to list, but here are some of them:
    Kennedy Emerson Eliot Sasha Jaxon Braxton Jase Alva Fox Asa Carbry Zia
    Anderson Dara
    Nova Briar Michaela Montserrat Cadence Harriet Phoenix Logan Star Justine Faith
    If you would like to vote again, here's my list: (Last Update: January 17th, 2017)

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