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    Middle name for Zachariah?

    One of my closest friends and her wife will be having a baby boy in just a few months and they need a bit of help with middle name ideas. So far, the two first names they like the best are Zaccheus and Zachariah. They like Orion and Oran as middle names for Zaccheus, but so far have not found one that they like for Zachariah (other than, very tentatively, Levi). Last name will be Rose.

    Zaccheus Orion Rose
    Zaccheus Oran Rose
    Zachariah Levi? Rose
    Zachariah ???? Rose

    All thoughts and ideas are welcome!

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    What about Zachariah Owen? Or I know it's kinda pain but Zachariah Michael? That has a beautiful flow.

    I like the idea of a classic middle because Zachariah is not super common. It feels really balanced with a classic middle

    Zachariah Samuel
    Zachariah Thomas
    Zachariah Simon
    Zachariah Daniel
    Zachariah Elias
    Zachariah William

    This is tough!
    Morgan Daniel
    Nolan Zachary
    Zachary Morgan

    Audrey June "AJ"
    Miranda June "Mira" "Andie" "MJ"
    Natalie Rae
    Zoe Nadine

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