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Thread: Quiz BNG

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    Quiz BNG

    Quiz with some generic questions and some weird questions

    BOY 1:

    First Name: What is you natural hair colour?
    Black: Nathaniel
    Brown: Thomas
    Blonde: Alexander
    Other: Michael

    Middle Name: How old are you?
    0-15: George
    16-30: Mark
    31-45: Leo
    46-60: Peter
    61-75: Finn
    76+: Keith

    BOY 2:

    First Name: What is your favourite band from below?
    Beatles: John
    Rolling Stones: Charlie
    Queen: Freddie
    ACDC: Angus

    Middle Name: What is your favourite colour from below?
    Red: Harrison
    Blue: Oliver
    Green: Elijah
    Purple: Graeme
    Yellow: Jeremiah

    GIRL 1:

    First Name: What is/was your favourite subject from below?
    Maths: Sofia
    Science: Marie
    Foreign Language: Cassia
    Humanities: Elizabeth

    Middle Name: On a scale of 1-10 (1 being least, 10 being most), how scared are you of spiders?
    1-2: Willow
    3-4: Gabrielle
    5-6: Hariette
    7-8: Gwendolen
    9-10: Isabelle

    GIRL 2:

    First Name: On a scale of 1-10 (1 being least, 10 being most), how much are you afraid of/how much do you hate shots (needles)?
    1-2: Darienne
    3-4: Christianne
    5-6: Jessamine
    7-8: Lillianne
    9-10: Vivienne

    Middle Name: Do you play a musical instrument?
    Yes: Grace
    Kind of - used to: Faye
    No - want to: Zoe
    No - don't want to: Mae

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