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    Question Thoughts On This Hypothetical Sibling Set

    Elizabeth Flora (Elsa)
    Sylvia Beatrice (Sylvie)
    Madeleine (Lena) - I'm still working on a middle for this one.
    Caroline Hazel (Callie)
    Rosemary Gloria (Rose/Rosie)

    What do you think of each combo individually?
    What would you name a sixth sister? I really like Rebekah, but I'm not a fan of the nickname Becky.

    Jasper Samuel Orion | Henrik Peter/Peter Henrik
    Alaric James | Theodore ?
    Lilith Maria | Charlotte Amara | Katarina Ivy | Beatrix Illyria

    Gemma | Cora | Rosalind | Luna | Elijah | Jeremy
    Thoughts in this thread? I'll return the favor.

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    I love it! I especially love Elizabeth Flora, so gorgeous and the names work so well together!

    I love Rebekah with your sibset. My older sister's name is Rebekah and she never went by Becky, her nicknames are Beck and Becka.

    Other suggestions, Adelaide, Charlotte, Georgiana
    Walter Theodore 14/03/2016

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    I know a Rebecca who goes by Becks/Bex or Becksie/Bexie, which sounds better on an adult than you would think. The "x" sound always comes off as cool.

    I think these would work in that sibset:

    Adelaide (like pp said)
    Margaret or Marguerite
    Katherine or Katrina nn Kitty
    Helen (might be dicey with Madeleine)
    or, my favorite,
    Lilibeth Pearl - Odette Lysandra - Allegra Snow - Zinnia Ophélie - Hera Magdalen
    Emery Lawrence - Viggo Augusten - Johan Irving - Anders Maël - Jules Quincy - Magnus Luther

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    I like each combination of names. On using them together ... Madeline and Caroline sound a bit too close for my taste. Each of the other siblings has a distinct name, but these seem to go together. Unless you want a rhyming name for twins?

    I really like Rebekah with this set, and you certainly wouldn't have to call her Becky. I know several girls who go by Bekah, Becka, or Becca.
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    Emmett Malachi, Callen Josiah, Xavier Jace, Killian Asher, Declan Beniah
    Eliana Zoe, Ashlyn Rebekah, Keturah Brianne, Shona Eileen, Marina Simone

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    How about Reba for Rebekah nickname?

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