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Thread: Mary Kate

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    Mary Kate

    Is Mary Kate/Mary-Kate too Olsen twin? I really love the feel of the name and I think it is just adorable. I don't hear much about Mary-Kate and Ashley anymore so I don't think that the connection is too strong but I am worried other people will. WDYT usable or not?

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    I immediately thought of Mary-Kate Olsen, but growing up they were my idols, so. :P

    I think it's okay to use. I prefer Marie-Kate though.
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    Having grown up during the Olsen Twin heyday, I immediately associate it with them. However, I don't think that makes it unusable as long as you don't have a child named Ashley or your last name isn't Olsen it's totally fine. I think it's super cute.
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    I think of a old classmate I had in middle school who was named Mary Kate. But I do agree with pp, its totally usable as long as you don't have a daughter named Ashley
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    I really like Mary Kate. I'm expecting a girl in September and was considering using it. But with my name being Kate, is it too much?

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