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    Elizabeth Flora (Elsa), Sylvia Beatrice (Sylvie), Madeleine (Lena), Caroline Hazel (Callie), Rosemary Gloria (Rose/Rosie), Rebekah (potential nn’s Reba/Bex).

    I like all of your combos and I think they go well together as a sibset. I noticed that Elsa, Callie and Rosie all have plant names some where. I’d consider giving Sylvie, Lena and Rebekah a plant/floral name as well.
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    Elisabeth Flora - omgoodness, what a gorgeous Elisabeth combo! And I'm so happy about the Elisabeth spelling. I love it so much more than Elizabeth!
    Sylvia Beatrice - nice! I think I've mentioned before my distaste for Beatrice, but it's SORT of growing on me because of Divergent (because apparently I skipped the YA fiction/boyband/embarrassingly teeny stuff and fully embraced it in my mid-twenties, ha!), although I still prefer Beatrix, and I think Sylvia Beatrix would be divine! Sylvia Beatrice is still really nice, though.
    Madeleine - how do you say Lena? And Madeleine, for that matter? I say Mad-(eh)-len, and LEE-nah, so I'm not sure the nn makes a ton of sense to me, but it's still two really great great names, and I love Madeleine, and I love Lena as a nn. Madeleine Zara, Madeleine Odile/Odette/Odilia, Madeleine Emilia, Madeleine Poppy, Madeleine Zinnia?
    Caroline Hazel - very sweet! I like both. I like Cara as a nn better than Callie, but it's still great. I'm picky about Hazel, so I'm not sure I am 100% behind them together, but Hazel's one of those that I know I'm completely irrational about, so don't mind me.
    Rosemary Gloria - meh. I really want to get behind this, I do, but I feel like whatever modern spunk Rosemary might have attained is completely lost by the frumpy feel of Gloria, and it just makes Rosemary seem like an old hag to me. Sorry! I adore Rosie, though, and if I remember correctly, Rosemary and Gloria both have a ton of significance to you. I'd rather see something like Madeleine Gloria and Rosemary Odile, or something.

    As for Rebekah/Rebecca--I REALLY love Rebecca and I love it with your other favorites. I'm not sure about Rosemary and Rebecca, but as I write it down, I like it a lot more than I thought I did! Rebekah for some reason has always come across as very hillbilly and trendy (even though it's probably the opposite, lol!). I'm probably biased, though, as my sister's name is Rebecca and I'm a huge fan of her. She, too, hates Becky, and refuses to go by it. She gets Becca most of the time--Bec(k) with me--but one of our friends calls her Rebby the Rebel or Rebs, haha. I think she really likes being called Rebby, it makes her feel cool or something, lol. There's also Reba? I tried calling her that once, though, and she almost knocked me clear to the moon. I'd never seen her hate something so much!

    As for them as a sibling set, I think the full names are great, especially Elisabeth, Sylvia, Caroline, and Madeleine (and Rebecca/Rebekah!) together. I find it harder to see Rosemary paired with them, but it still works. I'm less fond of the nns, but I think that's where we divide in style--we both love those long, timeless names like Elisabeth and Sylvia and Madeleine, but I think you like more vintage nicknames, and I prefer more cute and innocent ones. I would have opted for Ella (or possibly Lily or Elise or Issy), just Sylvia, Cara, Leni, Rosie, and Becca.

    Good luck!
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    Elizabeth Flora (Elsa) - really cute. I also love the nn Ellie.
    Sylvia Beatrice (Sylvie) - Cute, but I would prefer just naming her Sylvie instead of Sylvia.
    Madeleine (Lena) - I'm still working on a middle for this one. - I love Madeleine and Lena is such a cute nn!
    Caroline Hazel (Callie) - I LOVE Caroline!!! I love the full name though, instead of Callie.
    Rosemary Gloria (Rose/Rosie) - I love the nn Rosie but I just like Rose as a full name.

    Elsa, Sylvie, Lena, Callie, and Rosie are so cute with each other and each one will grow up to have a full, formal name, its almost perfect! I would love to see Elizabeth "Elsa", Sylvie, Madeleine "Lena", Caroline, and Rose "Rosie" even more!

    How about:
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    Long comment time.

    Glad to know that a Rebekah can avoid Becky! I really like Adelaide and Charlotte, but I'm not sure if I'd use them with Madeleine and Caroline. I'm not a fan of Georgiana.

    I like Susannah, but my mother is Susan and we don't have the best relationship. It would be awkward to use a name that people may think I used to honor her. It sucks because Susannah goes really well with my favorites girl names. I like Katherine, but I love Katarina so much more. I think it might be too exotic to go with Madeleine, Caroline, Elisabeth and Rosemary though. I like Frances for a middle.

    It's actually Madeleine. The end pronunciations is a bit different, KER-ə-lin and ma-də-LEN.

    I love the show and singer, but I'm not a fan of the name. I really like Bekah or Bex as possible nicknames, but I think the nickname Becky might be unavoidable.

    I actually noticed that yesterday and spent a while going through lists on here and other sites. Nothing really caught my eye sadly. I started a like/dislike list and more ended on the 'dislike' list than the 'like' one.

    Like: Fleur, Primrose, Lily, Zinnia, Magnolia, Iris, Juniper

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    (because apparently I skipped the YA fiction/boyband/embarrassingly teeny stuff and fully embraced it in my mid-twenties, ha!)
    You're not the only one!

    I really want to like Beatrix because it seems more liked, but I just can't get past -trix and Trixie.

    My preferred nickname for Madeleine is Leni, but I think it might seem too boyish with Elsa, Sylvie, Callie and Rosie. I use the French pronunciation ma-də-LEN for Madeleine. I go back and forth with Lena, sometimes it's Len - ah because it makes more sense with Madeleine, but I do prefer Lee - nah. Madeleine is the french form of Magdalene and Lena is a nickname for Magdalene.

    I kind of like Madeleine Zinnia, but I'm not sure about the flow. It's funny that you suggested Od- names because I really love Odilie with it, but I'm seen it pronounced o-DEE-lee-ə. For some reason I thought it was ahd - uh - lee.

    Caroline Hazel has been on my list for so long that I'm a bit attached to it. It's my last original combination left and I love both names, but I do admit that it doesn't have the best flow.

    You have a good memory! Rose and Gloria are family names. I've thought of Madeleine Gloria before, but I have no idea what to pair with Rosemary if I move Gloria to the middle for Madeleine. First names are so easy for me, but it's the middles that trip me up.

    I get the same feeling with Rosemary. Something about it seems off when put next to the others. I think the style is different, but I'm not sure what I would exactly say the style is. Elisabeth, Madeleine and Caroline fall in the classic category for me and Sylvia is old fashioned. Rosemary = ?

    I love Sylvie, but only like Sylvia. It seems more acceptable and recognized as a full name though. Sylvia also seems less nickname-y against Madeleine, Caroline, Rosemary and Elisabeth.

    I love Teresa and Emmeline, but they are my nephews mother and cousins names.
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    Thoughts in this thread?

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    Elizabeth Flora (Elsa) - Love Elsa as a nn for Elizabeth!
    Sylvia Beatrice (Sylvie) - This is pretty, Beatrice isn't my cup of tea but I love Sylvia & the flow is nice.
    Madeleine (Lena) - I'm not a fan of Madeline. I like Lena on its own. Or Magdalena?
    Caroline Hazel (Callie) - Callie for Caroline? GORGEOUS. And I don't even especially like Caroline.
    Rosemary Gloria (Rosie) - This is my favourite. I'm crazy about Gloria as a middle, its so lovely & unexpected.
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