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    Top 12

    What are your thoughts on my top 12?

    Flora (not Florence)
    Viola (vee-O-la)

    Any names you like, any you dislike? And why?
    Any middle name suggestions?
    I'm always looking for name that work well internationally, so if you have suggestions for me, I'd love to see them

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    Alice -- Once upon a time I considered Alice to be rather dated, but nowadays though I still see that classic and classy charm, it works on a contemporary child too. Alice would fit in with the other similarly classic/popular decades ago type names (Beatrice, Florence, Agnes etc) but still has that lightness to her than many such names in that same style don't. I'm a bit fan of the Wonderland aesthetic and madness/nonsense, so Alice is a good link to that.
    Ophelia -- While I love the sound of this one, I do worry about the potential 'Oh, feel ya' tormenting potential. That said, it is a gorgeous name and perhaps that teasing isn't as strong as it is in my own mind.
    Flora -- I love her a lot, and definitely prefer her over Florence.
    Elsa -- Right now, it's all 'Frozen' but I don't think that's a big deal. She's a lovely little dear.
    Calista -- I like it, and prefer it with the single L.
    Ida -- This would be one of the antiquated names that I do not like.
    Leonor -- Not so fond of this either as I find it dated. I'd prefer just Nora.
    Juliette -- I love Juliet upfront, yet Juliette in the middle.
    Rosalie/Rose -- Lovely.
    Clementine -- A bit showy and pretentious, though it is a nice name. I'd prefer it in the middle.
    Eloise -- classy and sweet.
    Viola -- I imagine you'd have a difficult time getting people to say VEE instead of VY.

    My favourites are Alice, Juliette, Flora and Elsa.

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    Alice - I love everything about it.
    Ophelia - Feels royal and magical at the same time, I love it.
    Flora - I also prefer Flora to Florence. Sweet and airy.
    Elsa - I used to dislike it, but now it's growing on me.
    Calista - I think I prefer it spelled with one L. Either way, it's not my cup of tea, but would make an interesting choice. I like the nickname Cali.
    Ida - A bit too old-ladyish for my liking, but still lovely.
    Leonor - Nice, but I prefer Eleanor.
    Juliette - I like it, but much prefer spelled Juliet. Juliette is a bit too dramatic for me.
    Rosalie - Sweet and gentle, it's growing on me. Rose is beautiful, too.
    Clementine - #1 on my own list.
    Eloise - Feels fun and serious at the same time, I love it.
    Viola - I never liked the sound of Viola, sorry! It's a great name, though.

    Combo suggestions:

    Clementine Eloise
    Flora Alice
    Leonor Ida
    Rosalie Juliette

    Other middle name suggestions:

    Alice Clara
    Ophelia Luna
    Flora Beatrix
    Elsa Genevieve
    Calista Pearl
    Ida Josephine
    Leonor Eugenia
    Juliette Felicity
    Rosalie Annabel
    Clementine Jemima
    Eloise Ruby
    Viola Adelaide
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    Alice - I like Alice. It's classic and beautiful.
    Ophelia - I'm not a fan of Ophelia. I don't know why though.
    Flora (not Florence) - Very pretty and I much prefer it over Florence.
    Elsa - I love Elsa.
    Callista/Calista - I'd spell it with two ll's, it looks fuller that way. It's certainly nice and has a unique appeal.
    Ida - too old ladyish
    Leonor - Leo-noor? It's nice. I prefer Leanor though (Luh-noor)
    Juliette - I love Juliette, but prefer the Juliet spelling.
    Rosalie/Rose - I like Rosalie.
    Clementine - Can only think of the fruit.
    Eloise - I love it!
    Viola (vee-O-la) - Like it alot.
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    Alice- Classic, pretty, not super popular but known
    Ophelia-Beautiful, potentially might have to be spelled out loud alot
    Flora (not Florence) -I like it, feminine without being over-the-top, much prefer Flora to Florence as well
    Elsa- Super pretty, but with all the Frozen hype it might go up in popularity
    Callista/Calista-Love this! Has such an interesting sound. I wouldnt shorten it to Calli-it doesnt do the name justice
    Ida -Meh, still a little too old lady, but I have a feeling its growing out of that stage
    Leonor-Interesting sound, I prefer Eleanor
    Juliette- LOVE! One of my personal faves
    Rosalie/Rose-(see Juliette)
    Clementine-So cute! Idk if this even matters to you, but it might be a pain to write out and there arent a ton of nicknames
    Eloise- So classy yet spunky
    Viola (vee-O-la)- I like it alot! A vintage name with lots of charm, might have pronunciation issues
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    Girls: Rose, Juliet, Aria, Cora and Scarlett

    Sorry for any random spellings. I'm probably on my nook!

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