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Thread: Rename me?

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    My first thoughts were Amber, Kelly and Kira, which have similar sounds to your existing Kimberly.

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    You might be too young for this reference, but are you sure you aren't the pink Power Ranger? :-) Your description of yourself matches her to a T and her name was Kimberly.

    Any way... I think several of the names in your signature could match your description of yourself: Piper, Ella, Audrey and Reese (feminization of another name you listed). Personally, I think Audrey fits best.

    My name is Caitie(short for Caitlin) and I felt like it didn't fit me when I was 15(I was named in the middle of the "Caitlin" fad), so I told my teachers at the beginning of my tenth grade year that I actually went by "Corey". Since they had never met me before, they just changed my name on their roll sheet and because everyone heard the teacher calling me that, everyone started calling me that. It was really awesome at first, but by senior year, I realized that I didn't really feel like a "Corey" either. I switched back to Caitie when I went to college and I've come to terms with it.
    **TLDR version: people expect teens to be trying to find their way in the world, so if you think you want to change your name, try telling new people that's your name and see how it feels to have them call you that.
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    I know a little girl named Kimber (just Kimber, not Kimberly). Does that feel more like you?

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    What about Miranda? That gives you nicknames like Mia, Mira, Randi, Andi, Mandy, Dani...

    I think Kimberly is a lovely name by the way! I wish it didn't get shortened to Kim all the time though
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    What do you like? Names more fitting to your age, maybe, that have some ties to Kimberly Lauren and that I can see matching your description might be Emily, Laura, Chloe, Ember, Kylie.

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