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Thread: Rename me?

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    Rename me?

    My name is Kimberly, and I really dislike it. It is very dated, especially my nickname, Kim. Considering I'm fifteen, I will not be changing my name for a while (if at all). But I would still like to hear ideas and suggestions!

    I have brown hair and eyes, small-ish frame, cheerleader, do well in school, kind of loud, and I am really friendly! Not sure what else to put.

    I want the name not to be very trendy, but not to "out there".


    And my middle name is Lauren, but I dont think that changes anything
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    You sound a lot like my niece Katie, so that was my first thought. Also, Molly, Sienna, Wren, Nika, Avery, Gemme, Saskia or Nerida.

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    Clara, Lola or Dahlia based on your description

    Born in 1940

    Mary Camilla

    Priscilla Margo, Joyce Carlotta, Patsy Georgette, Barbara Charlotte, Jo Penelope, Dottie Carolyn
    Diana Rosalind, Linda Lenore, Joan Cecilia, Kay Veronica, Cleo Susan

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    I was named after my great grandmother Katherine, called Katie and I LOVE Clara
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    You sound like Audrey or Aubrey to me.
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