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Thread: Rename me?

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    Rename me?

    My name is Kimberly, and I really dislike it. It is very dated, especially my nickname, Kim. Considering I'm fifteen, I will not be changing my name for a while (if at all). But I would still like to hear ideas and suggestions!

    I have brown hair and eyes, small-ish frame, cheerleader, do well in school, kind of loud, and I am really friendly! Not sure what else to put.

    I want the name not to be very trendy, but not to "out there".


    And my middle name is Lauren, but I dont think that changes anything
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    You sound a lot like my niece Katie, so that was my first thought. Also, Molly, Sienna, Wren, Nika, Avery, Gemme, Saskia or Nerida.

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    Clara, Lola or Dahlia based on your description

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    I was named after my great grandmother Katherine, called Katie and I LOVE Clara
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    You sound like Audrey or Aubrey to me.
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