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    Hi everyone!

    I've recently fallen in love with the name Briseis, and would like to know how do you guys feel about it!

    It's a mythological greek name. Briseis was a greek princess of Lyrnessus, captured during Achilles' assault and his love interest in the Iliad. She remained with Achilles until his death, and took it upon herself to prepare his body to the afterlife. It could be shortened to the lovely Bree, and is very distinctive yet rooted.

    It's pronounced Bree-say-ease (as in the end of the name Louise). It can also be spelled Briseïs, and means daughter of Briseus. She's portrayed by Rose Byrne in 2004's Troy and is the one to kill Agamemnon.

    Quoting wikipedia (I know, I'm lazy): "According to Book 1 of the Iliad, when Agamemnon was compelled by Apollo to give up his own woman, Chryseis, he demanded Briseis as compensation. This prompted a quarrel with Achilles that culminated with Briseis' delivery to Agamemnon and Achilles' protracted withdrawal from battle. His absence had disastrous consequences for the Greeks. Despite Agamemnon's grand offers of treasure and women, he did not return to the fray until the death of Patroclus.

    In medieval romances, starting with the Roman de Troie, Briseis becomes Briseida and is the daughter of Calchas. She loves and is loved by Troilus and then Diomedes. She is later confused with Chryseis and it is under variations of that name that the character is developed further, becoming Shakespeare's Cressida."

    It was also the name of 2 legendary Thoroughbred racehorses, one mare in England (1804–1824) and one filly in Australia (1837), both having won great prizes. They are often considered the greatest thoroughbred mares ever foaled in their respective countries. I'm a horse lover and discovered the name searching for the australian filly. =)

    It is also the name of Reggie Bush's daughter (I discovered it while googling the name, the starbaby Briseis is lovely, and her mother is also distinctively named - Lilit). I found out that he is Kim Kardashian's ex, and I think he did better than Kim in the naming department =P
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