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    Sister for Rosa Phoebe

    Her name will probably be Anna but I'm trying to come up with a middle name that fits the sibset. I don't like names that are too "out there" and I would love to use Caroline (as it's honouring and I love it) but it rhymes with the surname. Do you think that matters?
    The initials G and V are out.
    Family names include:
    Deborah - I thought of using this in the middle spot but does the ending clash with Anna's?
    Elizabeth (vetoed)
    Frances (am considering this)
    Isabella (ditto)
    Isobel (ditto)
    Sarah (vetoed)
    I also thought of Anna Bryony or Anna Chloe or Anna Cordelia but would really love suggestions, whether from this list or not.

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    Anna Caroline would be gorgeous, but if your last name rhymes with Caroline, I would nix it.

    I love Anna Cordelia. Anna Bryony is cute. I think Anna Chloe is maybe too matchy with Rosa Phoebe?

    As for the family names, Anna Frances is kind of cute, but don't love the repeated 'an'. Anna Isobel is lovely--that would be my pick.
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    I like Anna Caroline, but agree that if this rhymes with your last name, it's probably best not to use. What about Anna Coral, Anna Corrine, Anna Charlotte, or Anna Claire as alternatives? From the family names, my favorites are Anna Frances and Anna Judith.

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