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Thread: Briseis

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    I think it's lovely. Like previous posters said, pronunciation might be an issue. Without your guidance, I would have said "brih-SAY-iss" instead of bree-say-ease. I think that's because the bree-say-ease pronunciation feels like the emphasis it on each syllable which makes me say it more slowly . Wiki seems to think the pronunciation is brye-see-iss--if that affects your opinion at all. I like it regardless of how you choose to pronounce it, so it's just a matter of how you feel about having to correct people all the time.
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    One of my favorites. I think there are a lot of old names that feel modern, and I'm not sure why they aren't more popular. I've always thought this about Evadne as well. Good find on the thoroughbred connection, I like that. We raised horses when I was growing up, and had a gorgeous (and very spirited) thoroughbred mare. Beautiful horse.
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    It's a great name that I like a lot, though I'm not as fond of Bree.

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    It is a great name, but I have difficulties getting over her story. Love interest is a nice euphemism. But she was a war prize, an object and although that was the way things were back then, it still bothers me. Persephone was taken unwillingly, but at least she became his wife, and not his play thing. Plus she left once a year to visit her mother, thus bringing about Spring. But Briseis didn't do anything like that, so its rather anti-feminist.

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    OOOOHHHH! So excited to find other people who love this name! My mom used to read my brother and I a children's version of the Iliad when we were younger. My brother wants to use the name Ajax FYI.

    If I ever named a girl Elisabeth, her middle name would be Briseis

    Elisabeth Briseis just sounds right!

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