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    Never Have I Ever: Though my Friends Choose the Wrong Name

    After my FH asked about my top names (for the first time in 5 years) and promptly hated 98% of them.... I of course did what any sane women - whose FH tends to like “modern”/“popular” names would do... I started combing through the SSA top 1000 to see what was on there that I had “missed” in the past....

    At about 300 I started to get really annoyed by the fact that spelling difference = different names and then... I came upon THE PERFECT NAME... for my friends child. She’s a couple of years old and while I think her nn fits her so perfectly - and fits into her family perfectly - I have never been able to shake the feeling that they choose the wrong variant of the name as her full name.

    I’m going to use my own name as an example. Hypothetically this little girl goes by Ali - it’s perfect - it fits in with her daddy’s clean simple straight forward nn style name and her mommy’s standard classic. But Jim and Sarah choose Alexandrina for their daughter - it’s a perfectly good name - just not for this little girl. It’s like Alexa, Alexis or Alexandra would have fit better. It makes me feel like they are trying to mold her into this far away foreign princess who she will never be. Instead of honoring her families spirit/essence.

    I of course would never, in a million years say anything. Her nn is perfection on her and even if that was off too I’d clearly keep my mouth shut....

    Has anyone else ever felt this way? Is my offspring-less womb screaming out in jealousy? Does anyone know an older child where you originally felt the name was off but now think you were crazy for thinking that?
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    I haven't but my friends haven't named their daughter Elliot or Sydney yet, and likely won't and that's the only thing that would bug me. Even if I don't always agree with their naming style, I pretty open to most names. It's possible though that they might not have the same name associations or they just like frilly ness in girls. People say Anastasia is a princess name but I never saw it that way, to me it has a similar feel to Elizabeth.

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    I have an old friend who is a pretty quirky girl, and her partner is very much similar to the guy you have described - very straightforward and traditional taste in names which reflects his very simple lifestyle (not a bad thing but completely different to her). Anyway, she fell pregnant and amazingly discovered she was having twins to her complete surprise. Back when I was friends with her she'd talk about the names she liked and they were always quite unusual and interesting but the day of the twin's birth arrived and she introduced them to the world as...

    Emily Antonia Grace & Edward Alaric George

    I was so shocked - even though their middle names are a little more interesting, I still felt that she hadn't really been able to name her children what she wanted to and I was so sad for her. I'm not as close to her anymore but I know that they now go by Milly and Teddy.

    When I see them in photographs they just don't look like the names they have been given - they are dressed quite quirky and different and both black hair, pale skin and dark eyes. I remember she used to like a lot of last names such as Burke, Calder, Dermot, Finnegan and Stirling so I thought her son would something along those lines. If I could name him it would be Finnegan Alaric George or Calder James Alexander, maybe even Edmund instead of Edward that would have been more my friend.

    As for the little girl, my friend adored the names Millicent and Indira so I'm surprised she didn't use one of those! I think Indira Grace Antonia would have been sweet or Millicent Antonia Grace so she could still have used Millie as a nickname.

    I'm quite glad that they go by Milly and Teddy these days!
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    Yes, sometime ago one of my older mates had a second baby boy. Named Rex with big brother called very close to Nathaniel. Despite the fact Rex suits the boy nicely, I still think they could do much better. Ignatius, Julian, Thaddeus...

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    I have a cousin who recently came out as transgender. Her birth name was a very traditional family name, something like Nathaniel, and never used a nickname. She's pretty young, but very mature and freakishly smart. I was a little disappointed to learn that the name she had chosen for herself was similar in style to Anastasya, nickname Annie. It also had a y in place of another vowel. I don't think that it suits her as well as it could, but I try to remember that everyone has many facets to their personality. None of these are the real names. I would never, ever say anything, and it isn't a bad name by any means even with the y, I just think that there are other names that may have fit the Annie I know better.
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