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    Evangeline, Genevieve and Theodosia from your list would make a great match for Cordelia. I also like the sound of

    Cordelia & Lucienne
    Cordelia & Araminta
    Cordelia & Jemima
    Cordelia & Wilhelmina
    Cordelia & Leonora

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    eve & rose ♡ ezra & nathan

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    I'm loving all of the replies. I don't have time quite yet to go through all of the replies but I do have a few quick notes.

    I fought DH for a long time to nn Felicity Flicka but he will not budge. He associates it with the horse movie and nothing else. Right now she is almost two and goes by Felicity/Lissy/Sissy/Sissity/Lissity. I'm sure her choice of nn will evolve as she gets older. My son Elijah goes by Elijah/Lija but never Eli and he is almost 5.

    I love love love Evangeline but I keep running into them. I almost named Felicity Evangeline and now I have run into two her age and one my age. Also it would be nice not to repeat initials.

    My husband does seem to love the letter P but he hates Penelope because of a bad association. Similarly He love Phoebe but regardless of the fact that it is everything I love in a name I hate the sound of the name itself.
    Mommy to Elijah Michael & Felicity Elizabeth Louise

    My Girls: Thea, Tessa, Opal, Freya, Evangeline, Cordelia, Stella, Luna
    DH Girls: Laura, Elora, Coco, Phoebe, Piper, Paige, Tillie, Avalon

    My Boys: Phineas, Milo, Caspian, Caius, Bodhi, Rhys
    DH Boys: Sebastian, Gabriel, Alden, Jesse, Asher, Gideon, Spencer, Isaiah

    GP: Tempest, Indigo, Magnolia, Calico, Spirit, Persephone, Ransom

    Current Favorites: Rhys Gabriel Alden & Caia Sylvie Antoinette

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