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    International variations of Rachel?

    Either sell me on Rachel as a classic and beautiful name, or help me come up with actual related variants! I have plenty of other R-names if I just initial match, but for names actually related to Rachel I have:

    Rahel - Hebrew. Probably will always be misspelled forever. :l Maybe could use as a middle name.
    Ruchel - Yiddish. Not really gonna use this one.
    Rahela - Hungarian. More distinct from Rachel than Rahel. A leader for me, I think...
    Raquel - Spanish. ra-KELL. My other leader. Very well-known but not worn out, I think? I'm not sure what image it has. When you hear Raquel you think...
    Raquela - Hebrew variant. Used by Raquela Prywes, who I admire. Is it better or worse than Rahela?
    Leikela - Beautiful looking, but I don't know much about it. Listed as a Hawaiian variation. I'm thinking lay-kell-ah but that may be wrong.
    Racheli, Raheli - Just heard this one today, it is what made me review if I "knew all" the variations. This is an "ee" ending, not an i as in Lorelei.
    Rachelle - French. ra-SHELL. I don't see myself using this.
    Rae - Originally a nickname for Rachel. Would be willing to use alone as a middle name, maybe a first?

    I know there's more spellings - Rakel, Raquelle etc - but are there more variations of pronunciation/spin-off names I don't know about? Starting with other letters maybe? Besides Chelli/Shelly...?

    And what's your image of Rachel? Do you have an image of any of the others?

    I think Raquel/Raquela is very pretty but some people find it harsh?

    All thoughts appreciated.

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    I love just plain Rachel, honestly. I think we've discussed this already, and I've given my favorite Rachel alternatives, the Polish Rachela (which I assume is rah-SHELL-ah? But I could be completely wrong) and the possibly made-up/modernly-invented (although I have no proof) Racheline (which I say as Rachel-een, but I think it's gorgeous, anyhow).

    I really like the Hebrew Rahel, and Rahela really intrigues me. I don't care for Raquel at all--it just seems too exotic for me, but I think part of my impressions are colored by the one Raquel who I do know, who never left anywhere near the positive impression that I have with Rachel (despite the fact that this Raquel is better and above all the Rachels I've met, by leagues). I don't know, I just imagine a Rachel to be very kind and very noble of heart, like the royalty and dignity and class of a true princess in the body of an everyday girl, with the kindest, sweetest heart. I've recently taken her off my list, but I still love her to death. What is it about Rachel that you're not fond of?
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    Behind the name says that Raelene and Raelyn are related. Personally I like Rachael.
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    Rachel is nice and classic. I think it would make a fantastic middle for something more exotic (Lyra Rachel or Louisa Rachel). It has many nickname possibilities — Ray, Raya, Raylie, Rocky (though this is more common for Raquel).

    Rahela is pretty cool. It reminds me of a character in the A Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones). I also like the Italian Rachele (rah-keh-leh), though it would be tricky in an English-speaking country.

    Raphaëlle, Raffaella and its variants could be an alternative. Rosabel? Rain? Rochelle? Chelsea?

    Or a name with a similar (ovine) meaning: Ovidia, Agnella, Una?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    What is it about Rachel that you're not fond of?
    Well, I don't like "Rach"/ "Raych" and I don't like that here in Oz where I am now it's often spelled Rachael or Racheal.

    But really the crux of the issue is that to American Jewish families like mine, it pretty much is what Maria/Mary is to Catholic ones in terms of level of use. And not just family but like people I know. I've known probably actually fifty different girls/women by that name. And as *would* be the case, when it's that many of them, a couple of them really tick me off and I know if I named a baby Rachel they'd have something to say.

    I'd LIKE to like it, if you know what I mean?

    Quote Originally Posted by sugarplumfairy View Post
    Raphaëlle, Raffaella and its variants could be an alternative. Rosabel? Rain? Rochelle? Chelsea?
    Yeah, once I branch out to other R's there's lots of options. My sister intends to use Raphaela but it's a lovely name. Rosabel and Rosalba both appeal, as does Rain.

    I was just reviewing Rachel-forms themselves because I'd just learned Racheli. As ashthedreamer pointed out (and fair enough!) I've been over the Rachel query a couple times and I apologize if I'm annoying the snot out of everyone.

    I just never see lists for it like 'all the forms of Katherine' or whatever.

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