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    Mucked Up Monikers

    Are there names that you'd normally Love, but could never use because they've been ruined for you by a conceited classmate, corrupt coworker, aggravating acquaintance or an infected identity??

    I have a few people who ruined some of my favorites.....

    Danielle - Not nice to anyone. Always in a bad mood.
    Rose - The old grouchy Principal at my grade school.
    Kimberly - The tom boyish bully in grade school.
    Robin - I know 3 Robins and all are very snooty.
    Elizabeth - Arrogant, know it all!
    Rebecca - The gossip girl in High School.
    Kayleigh - Hates everyone and everything!
    Cara - Unable to strike up a conversation. So overly withdrawn.
    Kristin - Nasty personality and lies.
    Marie - Very boastful....

    Hopefully someday I can get over these!

    Share some of your lifetime Mucked Up Monikers.

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    Definitely! I think everyone does.

    I always loved Sarah until I worked with a Sarah at a fast food place when I was in High School. She wasn't very nice or helpful.

    Also Jessica is one that's been ruined for me. I probably know 10 Jessica's that have been on the infamous list in some way or another.

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    Try being a school teacher! Great way to wreck perfectly good names. I know of lots of teachers who find it hard to pick names that don't have bad connotations from some little ratbag.

    Other names really mucked up for me would include Amity (from whatever that Amityville movie is, I've never seen it). And Camilla (will always be the Duchess of Cornwall to me, not that I have anything against her!)

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    I've had names ruined by abysmal/cruel teachers (though I loved many others).

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    It usually doesn't bother me much if I know someone by a name I like who happens to be a not-so-nice person. I knew a Gemma whom I really disliked, yet I'm considering this name for my baby (Jemma as a nickname for Jemima). I'm able to get bad connotations out of my head quite easily. I never recall the nasty Gemma when I hear her name.

    Painful memories are what ruins names for me. I lost a very close friend a couple of years ago and I would never consider using her name. Every time I hear it I just recall everything what happened.
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