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    My Sims Family...

    Since I don't have any kids and don't plan on having in for a little while, I still wanted to post something on here and see what everyone thought of the names I have picked out for one of my sims family. I don't believe I'd actually use any of these and go all "rhyme-y" like I did on there but they were names that I like and wanted to know what everyone thinks of them.

    My house started out with two friends and an older sister:
    Maisie and Mable Acker, Clara Morris

    Mable married Micheal and had 3 kids:
    Maeve and Miller (twin girls)

    Clara had two kids:
    Antwan and Ana

    Marcus and Ana married and have two kids:
    a son and a daughter, Russo and Amidala

    and then...

    Antwan married Angelia and had three kids:
    daughters, Viola and Adelice
    son, Matty

    that's my sims family for now

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    I like Mabel, Clara, and Amidala.

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