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    Middle name for Fern

    Baby #2 (unknown gender) is coming in June and we can't decide on a middle name if it's a girl. First name will most likely be Fern. Last name is also a short, one-syllable name, starting with H, so we'd like a middle name with 2 or 3 syllables. We already have a son named Emory Vance--Vance is my maternal grandfather's name--and we'd prefer to use another family name in the middle spot, but would consider non-family names.

    Here's what we're considering right now, all family names:

    Fern Eloise (family connection is pretty loose here, but we like the 3-syllable sound)
    Fern Lorraine
    Fern Louise
    Fern Mardell (not really our style, but my deceased mother's name)
    Fern Ruby

    Which combo do you like best? Any others to consider? Thanks!

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    I actually really like Fern Mardell. I have not heard the name before, but the sound and number of syllables works well with Fern. I also get a "fancy" (for lack of a better word) feel from Mardell which works nicely against the nature name Fern. I also really love that it honors your mother; I have a soft spot for names that honor a loved one.
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    I pretty much echo the previous poster in my reaction to Fern Mardell. It is definitely my favourite from your list.
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    Fern Mardel is beautiful. Its lovely, its unique, you wont find another with it, and its a tribute to your Mother--Its absolutely perfect in all aspects--

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    This is probably far from what you want, but you never know! The first name that popped into my head was

    Fern Iglesias

    Iglasias is the Spanish word (plural) for "church" and I think it is just beautiful

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