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    Michael as a girl's name

    My friend is due with another girl in about month. We were talking about names and the subject of boys names as girls names.

    I generally like boys names as girls names, Dylan, Elliott, Avery etc. We got to talking about more unusual boys names as girls names like James and Michael.

    Michael is considered a pretty boring boy's name, I'm not a fan but when considered for a girl, I think it gives it new life. I also like the spelling Mykel for a girl.

    What do you all think of Michael as a girl's name?
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    I'm not a fan of using boys names for girls. Elliot and Avery are okay, but I don't like Michael. I would go with Makayla, if you like the sound of Michael.
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    Michaela is the feminine form. Mykel would lead me to believe the parents were illiterate.

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    I really dislike Michael for a girl. Michaela is miles better. Sorry!

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    I don't think it works. Let's look at number of births last year in the US.
    Dylan and Elliott are both clearly used for more males, but are being used by girls. And Elliott has the option of 'Ellie' as a nickname, which feminizes it.
    Dylan F: 553 babies M: 9,920
    Elliott: F: 185 babies M: 1225

    Avery has flipped to the girls, but is still being used by both genders:
    F: 8272 M: 1996

    Michael, on the other hand, is definitely all boy.
    M: 15,596 F: ZERO. It hasn't been given to any girls since 1997.
    If you're into this, I'd suggest Michaela, or even Micah (Myka)?

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