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    I don't know why it isn't more popular. However, I'm glad because it's one of my favourites. I think its a fresher alternative to Violet. I'd love to meet a little Viola.
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    I play the viola and there's no way I could bring myself to use the pronunciation VY-oh-la or vy-OH-la. The word is vee-OH-la. I much prefer Violet as a name.

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    I agree, the pronunciation makes it difficult to embrace. That's why I didn't look at it more carefully, personally. I see it and think "vy-OH-uh," but I know not everyone does. It is lovely, though, and she's near the top of my list of inspirational Shakespearean ladies worth honoring! (We ended up landing on Cordelia after I decided Viola would be too confusing and hubby vetoed Miranda.)

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    I think its the instrument - having been a band nerd I think all instruments are off the table for names for me. It is a pretty name though and I love the literary reference. Vs are so in vogue right now. Reminds me of Vienna, but like Viola an association (in this case the city) keeps it from getting to the top of my list.
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    I love the name
    Viola. One of my grandmothers best friends was a viola and she went by Vi which is cute too. I think it's very elegant but spunky at the same time.

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