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    how do you feel about Celestine? mn suggestions?

    This is quickly growing on me, and I prefer to similar favourites of mine at the minute (I noticed recently lots of them have very similar letters, sounds and feeling: Celeste/Estella/Seraphina/Cybele/Lettice/Cicely/Stasia/Clementine - feel free to suggest some I might like!).

    Originally I liked it in the middle, but I don't really have a reason why I'm opposed to it as a fn. Plus Lettie is an adorable nn. What do you think?

    I really like Celestine Olivia (yes it's my own name, and I'd probably never use it for my own child but something about this combo is really lovely) What would you suggest in the middle? I'm thinking something just as princessy/regal/ancient but maybe just more Earthy or even classic? maybe like Celestine Rosemary? Celestine Amara? Celestine Faye?

    I like Celestina in principle, but I don't like the -tina ending and I feel it's definitely too much.
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    While I personally would go with the Celeste, I quite like Celestine. It's a unique name that easy to pronounce. I will say that it probably won't age well, but maybe by the time she is an adult it won't matter in society anymore.

    As for middles:
    I think a more classic middle might ground the name a bit, like Rosemary or Elizabeth. I quite like the Celestine Faye and Celestine Rosemary combos.

    Other ideas for first names:


    Ideas for Middles:
    Celestine Maeve
    Celestine Amelia
    Celestine Isobel
    Celestine Alene
    Celestine Vivian
    Celestine Clemence
    Celestine Elodie
    Celestine Inez

    Also Lettice is a family name of mine, and I adore it. So glad others like it!!!

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    I really like Celestine, more than I like Celeste. I also love Celestina.
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    I've loved Celestine ever since I heard the song Celestine by Spector! I definitely don't think it's "too much", it feels airy to me. I prefer it to Celeste, although I like it, too. Not sure about Celestina, I'm also not a fan of the "tina" part, but I think it's still pretty.

    Celestine Olivia is beautiful. I also like Celestine Rosemary and Celestine Faye. I think I'd go with something classic/classic-with-a-twist in the middle:

    Celestine Eugenia
    Celestine Georgiana
    Celestine Lucille
    Celestine Harriet
    Celestine Philippa
    Celestine Phoebe
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    Polina - I love that song too! Oh my gosh, we're too similar It's not the primary reason I like the name but it is were I first heard it haha (it's nice to see you around again by the way )

    Celestine Philippa is beautiful, and I love Eugenia in the middle too.

    lt - I love all your fn suggestions. Also I adore Celestine Inez and Celestine Maeve - exactly what I was looking for, thank you! Celestine Elodie would be great, but maybe a bit in-your-face-French for my tastes.
    Rosemary / Briar / Evangeline / Sibyl / Alba

    (im twenty and live in london. names calm my soul.)

    Isidore / Emmett / Hugh / Wilfred / Oberon

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