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    Do you like these names?

    These are my favorite girls names! What do you think about them?

    Betsy Kate
    Zinnia Hope
    Liberty Mae
    Rena Arwen
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    I like Zinnia May a lot.

    I am not a Betsy fan, but Bethany Kate would be my taste.

    I like Arwen, but for a first name.

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    Betsy Kate - both are nicknames to me so the name feels incomplete.
    Zinnia May - I really like this one :-)
    Liberty Hope - Either name would be great on its own, but having two virtue names together feels a little overkill.
    Rena Arwen - I also find this one pretty.
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    I love Zinnia May!
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    Betsy Kate - I would prefer Elizabeth Kate or Kate Elizabeth, at least one full name in the pair, and I'm not a huge fan of Betsy.
    Zinnia May - my favorite of your set, different, but still familiar
    Liberty Hope - I'm not a fan of liberty as a name, sorry
    Rena Arwen - to many r's for me, love both names separately though
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