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    Middle name for Luna

    With each passing week (or maybe day...), my husband and I's list of possible names for our baby girl gets longer.

    Luna was added about a week ago but I don't like any middle names with it. I know that this name lands outside many comfort zones, but we love it.

    Options we have considered are Luna Camille, Luna Katherine and Luna Maria--the last two being family names. I like the way that Maria makes Luna feel almost more traditional (in Spanish), kind of bringing it back to earth a bit--but my husband hates that part. Katherine and Luna seem to clash to me, one being totally classic and the other boldly modern. I don't know if they can or should go together. Luna Camille is probably our favorite option, but I am just not in love with it.

    Do you have any suggestions? Or opinions on the above? We want something classy and vintage, that gives Luna some depth but doesn't clash with its bold modernity.

    Other first names we are considering are: Violet, Lila, Camille, Ruby and Alice.
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    Luna is so beautiful. It is one of my favorites, especially with the Lulu nickname option.

    Luna Madeleine
    Luna Marigold
    Luna Melusine
    Luna Persephone
    Luna Ophelie
    Luna Eleanor
    Luna Genevieve
    Luna Rosemary
    Luna Emmeline
    Luna Guinevere
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    I really like Luna Maria. It has an ethereal feel, and I feel like it is evocative of "Moon Mother" or "Mother of the Moon" (referring to the moon, of course, and perhaps Mary/Maria [I don't know if you're religious or not, but I thought I'd throw that out there]). I really, really like it. I'm not really feeling the other middle names, though.

    I'll throw some more suggestions out there for you to ponder...

    Luna Arabella
    Luna Emilia
    Luna Amalia
    Luna Sylvie
    Luna Katharina / Katherina / Catharina / Catherina
    Luna Patricia
    Luna Persephone
    Luna Daphne
    Luna Victoria
    Luna Melusine
    Luna Olivia
    Luna Olive
    Luna Mathilde
    Luna Clothilde
    Luna Iris
    Luna Sigrid
    Luna Eleanor
    Luna Ginevra
    Luna Cecilia
    Luna Elizabella
    Luna Henriette
    Luna Henrietta
    Luna Gwendolen
    Luna Gwenore
    Luna Corinne
    Luna Hesper
    Luna Geraldine
    Luna Ottoline
    Luna Philomena
    Luna Clemence
    Luna Apolline
    Luna Giselle / Gisele

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    My favorite combo for Luna is Luna Ophelia. I know they both end with A, but I think it sounds sophisticated and magical at the same time. From the options you've considered I like Luna Camille.

    Other ideas:

    Luna Aurora
    Luna Seraphine
    Luna Avalon
    Luna Genevieve
    Luna Celeste
    Luna Clementine
    Luna Evangeline
    Luna Beatrice
    Luna Madeleine
    Luna Emmeline
    Luna Felicity
    Luna Vivian
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    Luna Camille is my favourite of your options! What about Luna Violet if you love both of those names?

    I adore the combo's Luna Vivienne and Luna Madeleine - I think they are so beautiful.

    Other ideas...
    Luna Marigold
    Luna Scarlet
    Luna Imogen
    Luna Penelope
    Luna Genevieve
    Luna Beatrix
    Luna Isabelle
    Luna Josephine

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