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    Catherine with a c. Kate with a k?

    One of our short listed names is Catherine/Katherine. We like that it is classic and traditional while the nickname Kate is modern. Our question is... We prefer the spelling Catherine with a C. Would it be weird to spell her name with a C but to use Kate as the nickname? We don't like Cate and we don't want Cathy. Or would you stick with Katherine?
    Just seeking opinions please.

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    Catherine nn Kate would be lovely! Because of the Duchess of Cambridge most everyone should be used to it by now. (Though she reportedly hates Kate and always goes by Catherine.) Catherine feels much more sophisticated than Katherine. But of course, your daughter may decide she likes Cate, Cathy, another nickname, or the full Catherine better when she's older, so you should be prepared for that possibility.
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    So true. It's actually why were considering removing one name from our list. We like charlotte but dislike all nicknames for it and while we can insist on charlotte, she or her friends may choose a nickname down the line. Silly?

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    Opinions anyone?

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    My stance is that if it's good enough for Kate Middleton, my future queen, then it's good enough for most people

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