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    Guilty pleasure names??

    Let's hear yours!

    If you've seen any of my other posts you know I love the name Dexter. Not sure if I can bring myself to use it. Hence-it's a GP.

    I don't have any for girls. But I want to hear yours! Both boy and girl

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    Well, my girl GP combos are the 2nd row of names in my signature, but the actually single GPs are

    Viva - Too nicknamey and too tied to the song
    Keslin - a surname I once heard on the news, can't find it anywhere
    Noa - Too sensitive for mix-uos with masculine Noa
    Hera - DH dislikes it
    Tesla - I just don't have the guts I guess
    Thessaly - Same as Hera
    Bryce - I don't want my girl to grow up with what is mostly a boys name

    and for boys:

    Sage - Too much on the girls side
    Boi - Does this need an explanation?
    Kiowa - DH dislikes the idea of naming a boy after a native-american tribe
    Mother to darling Mika Felicia and expecting another princess in August

    Iris GenevieveAya CelineCelia MadeleineLeah IsobelFreya ImogenCleo Amabel
    Viva TamsinNina KeslinNoa MadeleineHera VivienneTesla JosephineThessaly June

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    Lily and only because of Harry Potter
    Maddox (Max) James 08.31.13.

    Boys Favourites: Holden, Theron (Theo), Aidan, Killian

    Girls Favourites: Rosalie, Lucy, Lyra, Isla

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    These are consigned to my GP list because of spelling and pronunciation issues and/or unsavoury associations: Arsinoë, Electra, Laïs, Lalage, Liriope, Lolita, Melpomene, Nausicaä, Pasiphaë

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    Narcissa - because of the disorder.
    Bellatrix - I have this on my list, but I'm still not sure I can accept the Lestrange connection. My BF hates Bella anyway.
    Iris, Isis, Luca - I'm bilingual and these names sound like other words in my native tongue.
    Icarus - not sure I like the mythological connection.
    Marius - I remember Marius the giraffe + BF hates it.
    Blandina/Blandine - The bland- part. It's not a huge problem for me but it is for most people.
    Galadriel - too LOTR?
    twenty-something name nerd. infj

    Seraphina Juliette Audrey. Evangeline Laetitia Odette. Catalina Ariadne Helen. Valentina Bellatrix Yvaine
    Violetta Catherine Lenore. Isabelle Faustina Clare. Rosalind Anna Belphoebe. Guinevere Cassia Ottilie
    Vanessa Rose Aphrodite. Helena Edelweiss. Talitha Caroline. Aurelia Madelief

    Peregrine Lysander James. Gavriel Alexander Callum. James Luca Auberon. Edmund Frederic Altair
    Perseus Arthur Flynn. Cassius Jason Alaric. Damien Alexei Orion

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