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Thread: mn for Rosalind

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    mn for Rosalind

    We really liked the name Rosalind from the suggestions we got and we are now searching for a middle name.

    Some we like:

    Rosalind Fiona
    Rosalind Eira (eye-ra)
    Rosalind Alice
    Rosalind Hazel
    Rosalind Iris

    Any ones you like out of those? Any suggestions?

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    Eira and Iris are my favourites to go with Rosalind. I really like the 'eye' sound with it so other names like Ida and even Isis sound really good to me

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    I prefer Rosalind Fiona. The other ones seem to blend together into one single name.. sort off..

    Other suggestions:
    Rosalind Margot
    Rosalind Violet
    Rosalind Flora
    Rosalind Vivian
    Rosalind Matilda
    Rosalind Pearl
    Rosalind Jemima
    Rosalind Beatrix

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    I am shying away from Hazel or Iris because they feel too "naturey" with the semi-nature name Rosalind. Like colfr, I'm really liking the two syllable "eye" sound with Rosalind. Very pretty. So I like Eira, Ida, Ira, Isis, Isla, and Ivy as possibilities!
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