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    Damn, Philippa would've been perfect. Luckily, there are endless gorgeous names out there

    Oliver, Rosalie, Genevieve, and...

    - Harriet
    - Lydia
    - Daphne
    - Matilda
    - Clara
    - Helen or Helena
    - Estelle
    - Isadora, Theodora
    - Antonia
    eve & rose ♡ ezra & nathan

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    Thank you bonfireazalea to say that Pride and prejudice is my favorite book would been an understatement.
    anaxandra, Oliver's name was almost Henry, but my father come up with Oliver and I feel in love with it.

    We have kind of narrowed it down to:

    however, I just haven't had the "that's the one" moment.

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    I kinda think you should stick with Violet? I mean, your baby's coming first. You found a name you both liked a long time ago. It fits your sib set. Am I the only one who says to use it in June and hope her baby's a boy?
    Happily married, lifelong name nerd currently in residency

    Expecting baby #1 in October!

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    We can't do that. They announced the name and we did not. No body will win of we fight out the name.

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    No babies anytime soon... Just planning ahead (VERY far ahead)

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