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    I like Gwendolen, but we already have one in the family, so we can't use it.

    Thanks again for the suggestions!

    We like:
    Fiona, Felicia and Rosalind

    and another thing, We love Isobel, and looking at the fact that it was suggested more than once, you guys like it too. But don't you think it might be too close to Imogen? or is it okay?
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    We ended up naming our girl born in February Elsbeth.

    Other names on our list were:

    I loved Winifred, Gretchen, Elsa, and Ingrid but I couldn't get my husband on board.
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    I would avoid Isobel for you. This is why:
    1) I think that Isobel and Imogen are a little too close - mostly because they share the I - o sounds. I would suggest Isabel instead but....
    2) I think that since you want something vintagey I would avoid Isabel - mostly because of the Isabella popularity. Also Isobel as I would assume Isobel will also rise in popularity.

    With Llewyn and Imogen I really like Viola, Matilda, Helena, Harriet, Temperance, Eugenia, Marilyn or Eunice.
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