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    Post Local Birth Announcements; The Interesting and Horribly Spelled

    These are some recent birth announcements from my town. Some of these names are lovely and others... oh what were the parents thinking?? What names do you like, don't like, think are ridiculous?

    The Unusual.. Interesting, not heard often.
    Lior (G)
    Alexandros (B)
    Calyssa (G)
    Ciela (G)
    Iden (B)
    Caius Michael (B)
    Arlo Jonathan (B)
    Neko Alexander (B)
    Lincoln Grant (B)
    Watson Gabriel (B)
    Lincoln Jack (B)
    Lydia (G)
    Iliana Marie (G)
    Rembrandt Edward (B)
    Vinnette Mae (G)
    Laina Renee (G)
    Maximus (B)
    Cassius Julian (B)
    Killian Michael (B)
    Calliope Evelyn Monroe (G)
    Joel Titus (B)
    Dahlia Faith (G)
    Liberty Grace (G)

    Unique, some might be made up others are just different kinds of names you don't often come across.
    Jasmary (G)
    Aerian (G)
    Jah'Mere (B)
    Blaze Steven Lee (B)
    Axile Joseph (B)
    Wynter Raven (G)
    Cooper Axel (B)
    Esmae Renee (G) (Twilight Reference? What??)
    Kiya Breeze (G)
    Karlyn Micael (G)
    Maken Zie Ariah (G)
    Keetin (B)
    Lexus Kaylynn (G)
    Delayna (G)
    Syi Christopher (B)
    Teyla Rae (G)
    Canyon (B)

    Gender Benders.. Names usually used for girls on boys or boy's names on a girl.
    Landon (G)
    Brogan Laural (G)
    Lamar (G)
    Kaiden Elizabeth (G)

    Alternate Spellings:
    Allis (G)
    Averi Ann (G)
    Trystan (B)
    Ryleigh Marie (G)
    Emry Jadon (B)
    Delainey Jayne (G)
    Avary Noelle (G)
    Lukka Tommilliam (B)
    Jayse Leon (B)
    Kymburlee Richelle (G)
    Skylynn Rayne (G)
    Kenzee Lee (G)
    Rylee Renee (G)
    Leeah (G)
    Kahydn Matthew
    Paetyn Mae (G)
    Isabella Sophiea (G)
    Deklyn Felix (B)
    Auhbriey Marie (G)
    Aubree Elizabeth (G)
    Emilie Ranee (G)
    Matelyn (G)
    Izak Lee (B)
    Mylee Renee (G)
    Taylar Nicole (G

    Honorable Mentions:
    Lucy Arlene (G)
    Eugene Richard (B)
    Chester Wayne (B)
    Jake Harold Arthur (B)
    Rosie Patience (G)
    Avery Tye (B)
    Renee Sue (G)
    Emily Summer Rose (G)
    Tucker Allen David (B)
    Xzavier Ford (B)
    Bayne Thomas (B)
    Maddox Sterling (B)
    Anastasia Rae (G)
    Maverick Logan (B)

    After going through tons of birth announcements I've realized that Renee is HUGELY popular as a middle name here. Jace/Jase is big for boy's and Rae & Rayne are used a lot as well for the girls.

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    From this my favorites are:

    Lucy Arlene
    Anastasia Rae
    Rosie Patience

    Lincoln Grant
    Watson Gabriel
    Killian Michael

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    My favorites are -

    Lincoln Grant
    Killian Michael (although I prefer Cillian)
    Cooper Axel (this is pretty cool)
    Delainey Jayne (I would have preferred Delaney Jane but this isn't too bad)
    Maddox Sterling

    Aubree Elizabeth (this is not a favorite but it isn't too bad)

    My least liked -

    Calliope Evelyn Monroe
    Maken Zie Ariah
    Kymburlee Richelle
    Skylynn Rayne
    Kahydn Matthew
    Deklyn Felix
    Auhbriey Marie
    Izak Lee

    "A person’s a person, no matter how small.”
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    Sophie Jane MagnoliaEmma Aveline AzureIsabel Margaret Birdie

    <3 heart my son <3

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    Watson! Alexandros! Rembrandt! These are just fantastic.
    And I really pity Mylee, Matelyn and Brogan(I know it is a surname but it does sound like Zayden/Brayden a bit. And for a girl...).

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    Quote Originally Posted by handsallover View Post
    Watson! Alexandros! Rembrandt! These are just fantastic.
    And I really pity Mylee, Matelyn and Brogan(I know it is a surname but it does sound like Zayden/Brayden a bit. And for a girl...).
    I actually go to school with a girl named Brogan, and it's apparently not as unusal as people think!

    All the alternative spellings and just plain made up names make me cringe because they're just not my style.
    I love Caius, Maximus, Lincoln and Lydia.
    And Rosie Patience is just dreamy!

    I checked my local birth announcements and while some are nice there are none I hate (which is remarkable since I'm so fussy) Isla, Toby David, Tristan, Saskia Joy, Rowan Elijah, Annie Eileen Bluebell, Faith and Elle Hannah were ones that I thought were a little unusal for around here!

    Lorelai Violet - Louisa Mae - Clara Elizabeth - Verity Jane - Isla Genevieve

    Dashiell Emmett - Theo Lucian - Leo Benjamin - Finley Cassius - Eli Oliver


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