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    Worst/cruel name you ever heard

    I have a list of names that I think are cruel and horrible to name a child. For instance: Bandit, now why would you want to name a child Bandit???! I think thats beyond mean! Also names like Pistol, Stone, any kind of food, etc. I've even seen BandAnna! :roll: Beyond CRAZY! Of course there is a ton more too! But I can't think of all of them right now!!

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    Re: Worst/cruel name you ever heard

    One time, around 2002 or so, I was shopping in the Junior's Dept at Macy*s. There was a mother calling to her toddler "JonBenet! JonBenet, get over here!" *facepalm*
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    Re: Worst/cruel name you ever heard

    A boy whose middle name was "Danger" and another boy whose name was "Valiant Champion".
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    Re: Worst/cruel name you ever heard

    We have a student in our county named Klamidia.

    One of my ancestors -- the youngest of 14 -- was named Ohel.

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    Re: Worst/cruel name you ever heard

    On toddlers and tiaras a couple of weeks ago, there was a girl names Siryniti... Although it's meaning is not cruel, the way they spelled it is quite horrible! Poor kid is going to have to be spelling her whole life and have to deal with the strange looks from other people. I'm not even sure I spelled it right, all I remember were a lot of "i"s and one "y".

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