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Thread: Marisol?

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    I think it's fine. It's definitely recognizable as a Latina name, but if you're not living in an area with a large Latino population then I can't imagine it will be an issue.
    It's not like Araceli or something like that which doesn't have much in common with English names.
    I know people of many different ethnicities with names like Maren, Maris, Marissa, Mari, etc.
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    I don't think it's a big deal at all. I love Marisol and I don't think it's strange to stray from your genetic roots in naming your kid. There's no rule (well, some places there is) that says you have to ONLY name your kid a name that reflects their heritage. Maybe I'm not nationalistic enough, but I just find obsessing about about origins of a name to be a bit of a waste of time.

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    Where in Europe are you from? I agree that it would seem quite strange in a non-Spanish speaking child. But I guess it would work.

    Personally I think Marisol is such a stereotypical (and not particularly elegant) Spanish name. I'm Portuguese so I can only picture a Spanish middle-age lady or a Mexican telenovela character. Not to mention it sounds quite informal; I bet most Marisols have María de la Soledad or María Sol on their birth certificates.
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    My FH is American of Irish/Scottish decent and I’m German American. I think Marisol is beautiful and I’ve considered to put it on my list in the past - it’s never quite made it though - I don’t love it enough. However, FH grew up in Spain and Argentina we are a natively speaking trilingual household (him English-Spanish me English-German) so finding names that work or honor his love for all things Spanish/Hispanic makes sense to me. I tend to only really consider names that have a link historically to our families. Choosing Marisol without one of you even speaking Spanish might be weird to me. But honestly, that’s my opinion and if you think this is the perfect name, than that is all that really matters.
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    I love Marisol ! I didn't even know it was a Latino name until now so I think you won't have any problems with it.

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