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    Your Life Story BNG {Part 1: Your Childhood}

    Please select this dice to play:

    Write your story as you go; please add extra details such as appearances, personalities, and guardians/siblings professions.

    First things first: what's your name?
    1/2 = First name begins with M & middle name(s) from:
    3/4 = First name begins with L & middle name(s) from:
    5/6 = First name begins with K & middle name(s) from:
    Your surname is one-syllable.

    And what do you look like?
    1 = brown hair & brown eyes
    2 = blonde hair & blue eyes
    3 = red hair & blue eyes
    4 = brown hair & hazel eyes
    5 = blonde hair & green eyes
    6 = ginger hair & hazel eyes

    Do you have any siblings?
    1 = Your choice {no more than three siblings}
    2 = One older sibling {roll for gender: even is a brother / odd is a sister}
    3 = Two sisters {your choice older or younger}
    4 = One brother and one sister {your choice older or younger}
    5 = One younger sibling {roll for gender: even is a brother / odd is a sister}
    6 = Two brothers {your choice older or younger}

    What are your siblings' names? Brothers' names from: // Sisters' names from:

    Who raised you?
    1 = Two parents who were "together"
    2 = Single dad
    3 = Single mum
    4 = Adoptive parent(s)
    5 = Two parents who were "separated"
    6 = Your choice / Other {this could be foster parents, grandparents, other family members etc.}

    What is/are your guardian(s) names? Choice from here:

    Where do you live? {Your choice of county/state/province and city/town.}
    1/2 = Great Britain {England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales}
    3/4 = Australia
    5/6 = USA

    What is your ambition? {Free choice}

    Stay tuned for part two to discover how you meet your partner! Thanks for playing!
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    My name is Lucia Caroline Brock, and I have brown eyes and brown hair, my little sister Nina Elizabeth looks exactly like me!
    We were raised in Brighton, England, by our parents James Alexander and Maria Anne who broke all the rules by not getting married when my mum feel pregnant with me aged eighteen.
    Nina, who is three years younger than me, has always been the more adventurous and danger-prone type, while I have stuck to what I know and am more of a home-bird. My ambition is to become a famous YA author, I don't think Nina has figured out what she wants to do yet. My father James is a paramedic while my mum was a stay-at home mum to us and now does a lot of volunteer and charity work in the local community.
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
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    My name is Kendra Julietta Sykes. I have blonde hair & blue eyes. I have an older sister by 18 months, Nina Theresa Sykes, and a younger sister by 20 months, Sara Christina Sykes. We were raised by a single father, Henry Thomas Sykes, after our mother left him when Sara was two. We live in Newark, Nottinghamshire, East Midlands, England. I want to study whales.
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    What's your name?
    Lucy Caroline Rollins

    And what do you look like?
    1 = brown hair & brown eyes

    Do you have any siblings?
    Two younger sisters

    What are your siblings' names?
    Alice Eleanor Rollins & Rose Josephine Rollins

    Who raised you?
    Two parents who were "separated"

    What is/are your guardian(s) names?
    Katherine Anne Rufus & Thomas Henry Rollins

    Where do you live?
    1/2 = Great Britain {Scotland}

    What is your ambition?
    To become a doctor.

    My name's Lucy Rollins. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I was born in Glasgow to my mother Kate, who's an english teacher and my father Tom who taught nuclear physics in college. I have two younger sisters. Alice who has blonde hair and hazel eyes is 4 years younger than me and Rosie who has honey blonde hair and brown eyes is 9 years my junior. When I was 14 my parents divorced but they remained friends so we grew up without feeling the absence of either one. We spent weekends and holidays with our father and the rest of the time with our mom. I got interested in medicine after my little sister was born and I've wanted to become a doctor ever since.
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    My name is Leila Caroline Camp, I have brown hair and hazel eyes and two brothers, Christian William Camp who is 3 years older and Simon Harrison Camp who is 2 years younger. I was raised by my grandparents Alexander Henry Camp (Alex) and Katherine Isabel Camp (Katy) in Brisbane, Australia since my parents Maria Jane Camp and James Alexander Camp died in a car accident when I was 2 years old. I've always wanted to help other people and my ambition is to become an Oncologist.

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