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    My name is Meredith Liliana Scott. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I have an older brother, Jasper Matthew, and a younger brother, Arthur Donald. My mother, Catherine Isabel raised us on her own. We live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I want to become a writer.
    Combos I'm Liking:

    Everett Wolf, Ronan, Leo, Rufus, Jane, Henry, Phoebe & Juliet

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    My name: Louise Charlotte
    I've brown hair and brown eyes.
    I've an older brother, Alex Nicholas and a younger sister, Emma Theresa.

    I was raised by divorced parents. They separated when I was 4 years old.
    Their names are Isabel Maria and Thomas Alexander.

    We live in australia and my biggest dream is to become a ballet dancer.
    Florence, med student, writer and name lover.

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    dannilynnalexis Guest
    Maura Valentina Lynch
    Blonde hair and green eyes
    1 sister, 2 brothers
    Lucy Jane Catherine, Joel Matthew & Jasper Levi
    Seperated parents
    Sarah Elizabeth and Robert Joseph
    Ellington, New York, USA

    My name is Maura Valentina Lynch and I have blonde hair and green eyes. I have a twin sister, Lucy Jane Catherine and two older brothers, Joel Matthew and Jasper Levi who are twins. Joel and Jasper are 24 and Lucy Jane and I are 20. Even though my parents wanted me to follow in their footsteps, I've decided to become a cop instead. We were all raised by our parents, Sarah Elizabeth and Robert Joseph, who sperated when I was 2 years old. Our mother, Sarah is a doctor and our father is RJ is a lawyer. We all grew up and still live in Ellington, New York

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    Hi, my name is Meredith Arabella Bates. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, an older brother named Clayton Arthur and a younger sister named Josephine Anna. I was raised by my amazing single mother, Laura Anne in San Diego, California. I want to be a photographer.

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    My name is Mavis Alexandra Tate, and I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I have an older brother, Levi Christopher Tate, and a younger brother named Nicholas Andrew Tate. Levi is 5 years older than me while Nick is 2 years my junior. My dad, Michael Alexander Tate, who works as a lawyer, raised us by himself after our mom, Sarah Isabel Tate died. We live in Los Angeles, California. I've been interested in art since I was young, and that sparked my interest in becoming an interior designer.

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