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    Middle name for baby #2

    Hi all,

    I had such great luck with these forums last time, hoping you have some suggestions for me again.

    My son's name is Elkanah Brave, nn Elk.

    He is due to become a big brother in November.

    We are feeling pretty solid on our first names for both sexes.

    Swanilda, nn Swan
    Berakiah nn Bear

    I'd kind of like to stay with the same theme of virtuous middle names, but nothing so far has struck me as "the one".

    Here are some choices I like so far:
    Scout, Swift, Noble, Rebel, Justice, Pride.

    Any other suggestions appreciated. I've been leaning away from names that start with W because our last name is two syllable starting with W as well.


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    Honor, Unity, Logic, Mercy, Merit, Pure/Purity, Reverie, Kindred, Truth, Constance, Temperance, Ethical, Beauty, Class, Bright, Harmony, Energy, Love, Passion

    Loyal, Reason, Logic, Revel, Marvel, Balance, Respect, True, Bold, Belief, Good, Wisdom, Sense, Bright, Free, Peace, Prosper

    I think most names could go with either, but I sort of categorized them by the gender I would associate with the name.

    LOVE the first names!
    Senna Elizabeth
    Tobias Everett
    Sterling Joel/Dashiell Colm

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