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Thread: Pen Name

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    Pen Name

    Hello all! I have been tinkering with pen names as I do not wish to write under my actual name. What do you think of the pen name Sidelle Arden? I think it has a nice ring to it but I would love some feedback! Thanks!
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    I like it. It sounds like an author. But the gender isn't clear for me. I guessed female but I think a lot of people would guess otherwise.

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    I think it's definitely something you want to think about for a long time, you may end up using it for the rest of your life. Sidelle Arden sounds rhymy and musical, which is nice for a pen name. It's easy to remember (also nice), and it's unique so chances are there will be no one else with the same last name on the book shelves. That being said, it's also easy to pronounce. Sid-elle Are-den, easy. I like that it's not too long, total of 4 syllables is about all I can handle when remembering authors names. I think the -elle ending makes it clear it's a woman's name, but there is still slight confusion.

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    I like Arden as first or last, altho good last name at top of alphabet! Not a fan of Sidelle, nms. Why not pull from your favorite names, maybe Clara or Sybil?!

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    It sounds nice. The only drawback I can see aside from gender ambiguity is that it might get shortened to Sid. The limo driver will be looking for a 60-something man chomping a cigar


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