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    Is Ava too close to Eve?

    Or do they sound great together? Maybe it would get irritating over time with how similar? But then I love how similar they are too..... But then what if another girl is to be???? Ivy?

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    It may be a little too similar. Ivy and Eve sounds lovely together.

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    I think they are a bit too similar for sisters.

    I wouldn't do it personally.

    You could try Aya or Ara. I think those would work better. Or perhaps Ella
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    Ivy and Eve do sound good.... So does Aya.

    Ivy Marcheliene.....
    Ava Marcheliene......
    Mishaela doesn't really sound well as a middle with these huh....

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    I think Ava and Eve or too close. But I second Ivy and Eve being beautiful together.
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