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Thread: Lena Isabel

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    Lena Isabel is quite nice but I actually prefer Isabelll Lena.

    Some other combos with Lena as a first are

    Lena Roxanne
    Lena Willow / Wilhelmina
    Lena Henrietta
    Lena Beatrice
    Lena Matilda
    Lena Daphne
    Lena Anastasia
    Lena Arabella
    Lena Constance

    Hope I helped! :-)

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    I pronounce Lena LAY-nuh, and think it flows into Isabel a bit too much - it sounds like LAYN-uh-suh-belle when I say the whole thing, but 1) it may be my accent and 2) that might annoy only me. Have you considered Magdalena? I only suggest it because it's one of my favourites that I can't use and, just off the top of my head, I can think of more names that flow well with it that with just Lena. Lena Beatrice and Lena Violet are nice, and simple, while Lena Alexandra adds a more 'luxurious' air.

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    I think Lena Isabel is very pretty! I didn't realize ppl pronounce Lena so differently. I say LEE-nuh, but already we have LEH-nuh and LAY-nah. Whichever way you pronounce it, I would pair it with something that doesn't have the same vowel sound.
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    Lena Isabel is gorgeous!

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    I thought of Isabel Lena, but, the way I pronounce it, it sounds like one - Isabelena. And everyone will start asking "What? Isa Bellena?"
    haha, I just had a good laugh thinking about it.

    Lena Roxanne and Lena Matilda sound good, thanks for those suggestions I'll write them down.

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