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Thread: Lena Isabel

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    Lena Isabel

    One of my favorite combos is Lena Isabel (pronounced like Isabelle).
    Do you like it, or would you rather create another combination for Lena?
    (Lena is the name I like the most, Isabel is just supplementary).
    Thank you!

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    I'd rather create another combination for Lena—preferably something that has the same flowing feel. Perhaps another three-syllable name would work: would you consider Lena Eloise or Lena Josephine?

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    Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I don't like Eloise, and I have trouble liking Josephine. But your idea of a three-syllable name is good
    I'll keep thinking about it.
    PS: How do you pronounce Lena? I say "L-eh-n-ah"

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    Thank you—I'm glad I helped! Lena is the name of a character in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series whose family lives near Santorini. I associate it with Greece. Forgive me if this is a bit of a crazy thing to add, but there are many underused names pulled from Greek mythology that might sound just as good, or maybe even better, than Isabel. ^^

    I pronounce Lena LEE-nuh. cx

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    Lena Isabel is quite pretty, but I would prefer a middle name that starts with a consonant.
    Lena Marigold
    Lena Violet
    Lena Maribel
    Lena Rosabel
    Lena Felicity
    Lena Mireille
    Lena Juliet
    Lena Christabel

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