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Thread: New short list

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    Question New short list

    I've narrowed down my super long list to the names I keep coming back to the most. Opinions?


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    These are all really lovely names!
    Sophie--this is so classic and pretty. I know a lot of Sophies, but if the popularity doesn't bother you, it is a beautiful name.
    Marlowe--I have started to like this a lot lately. It sounds like meadow and reminds me of summertime. I like the nn Marley too.
    Sadie--This feels like a more playful version of Sophie to me. Still familiar and classic, but a little more unusual and more fun. I like the sound of Sophie better, though.
    Mila--I love the name Michaela/Mikayla, which feels urban but also cozy, and Lila, which is flowery and princessy, and Mila is right in between the two so it gets both. I met a little girl named Myra once and it fit her really well, and I imagine Mila would be similar in real life. She could really make it her own. Although to be honest the sound of Mila isn't really my style, it sounds a little reptilian to me.
    Vada/Veda--This is probably my least favorite from your list, though I don't hate it by any means. Vada is a little too close to Darth Vader, and Veda looks like a type of cheese or Las Vegas. But Veda also reminds me of the star Vega, which is an association I like, so I would choose the Veda spelling.
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    Of all those names, Sophie is my favorite. I really like French names, and Sophie is also 'nice' to hear.

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    I like Sophie and Sadie, Mila and Veda are fine but not my style, but I can't see Marlowe as anything but a last name (or maybe a dog name), and not a very pretty one at that.

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    1. Sophie
    It's popular for a reason. Lovely name, cute but ages well and is elegant without being fussy.

    2. Sadie
    Pretty, a little cutesy but I think it works pretty well for all ages.

    Marlowe, Veda and Mila are nms. I don't really like them but I don't see anything objectionable about them.

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