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    Need a good "H" middle name...

    Ok, guys, down to the wire... 38 weeks!

    We're pretty well decided on Emmett for a first name, and need a good "H" name for our middle. We're Jewish, and the H is going to honor 3 grandparents, so if we can find anything we can agree on, it'd be fantastic. The baby's last name will be a very common Jewish last name... G---berg (2 syllables).

    I realize this is only a middle name, so it's not crucial that we're absolutely madly in love with it, but... well, you guys are name-freaks, you get it.

    The frontrunner is probably Henry, which we like, but is so popular that we're sort of wary (we can think of at least 3 baby Henrys among the people we know). My grandfather was Harvey, which is an option, but with the last name we're working with, it's sounds pretty "tax attorney with bad teeth" to me. There are lots of WASP-y H names which are nice in theory but sound a little dumb with the last name (names like Hamilton, Hudson, Harrison) - or, if not dumb, they sound like we're trying too hard. (I should note that my husband has been gunning for "Hiram" since before we had our daughter - I've teased him endlessly about it, and I still think it's kind of a crazy name.)

    In case it's relevant, we have an older daughter named "Vivian Mira."

    Anybody have a brilliant suggestion?

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    I think Hiram works fine with Emmett. Heath would be my pick!

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    I was going to say I agree with your hubby and actually really like Hiram..... but.... for the sake of actually making an effort in finding other suggestions:

    Emmett H_________ G----berg
    Hendrick (close to Henry but not Henry)
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    lexiem, you're not helping!! i'm teasing, of course, but wait until i tell my husband i finally found a single person who actually *likes* hiram!

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