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    Due in May! Please help with a boy name for our third. Thank you!

    Hi, I love this site but have never posted before. I would so appreciate any advice...

    I am a momma to Jacksen James and Scarlett Rose. Our last name is two syllables and begins with A. The -sen spelling of Jacksen honours my maiden name and James is a family name. We never researched names with our first and were completely oblivious to the popularity of Jackson but we still love it; however we would like to stay away from such an extremely popular name this time. We have selected a girl name but cannot agree on a boy's....

    I love Milo but my husband does not. I also really like max.

    My husband likes jagger and axel but we would like something a little easier to wear, not that those aren't perfectly great names...

    We were thinking sawyer but not anymore..

    I like names that sound strong, are easy to say, and have history. I like two syllables but that's definitely not a deal breaker. I'm drawn to the meaning and German origin of milo, plus I love saying it!

    I would so appreciate any alternative choices! Thank you!

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    Love Milo! Perhaps Pax (Latin for peace), Dax, Dexter, Winslow, Clive, Dashiell, Wolfgang (Wolf), Dietrich, Ronan, River, Rhys, Maxwell, or Kai.

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    Angus Loudon "Gus"
    *Dagny Gertrude* *Florence Imogen* *Ada Katherine "Ada Kate"* *Tessa Pearl* *Amity Geneva* *Ursula Bryony*
    *Jethro Daniel "Jed"/"Jet"* *Harvey Blaise* *Jeremy Vincent "Jem"* *Laszlo Ozias "Lo"* *Leif (LAYf) Matthew "Lem"* *Chester William "Chet"*

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