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Thread: Good Sibset?

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    Good Sibset?

    I've been toying around with names from my ancestry that I love and came up with a sibset...What do ya'll think about? There a couple names that still feel a little rough, but overall I like it. Any keepers? Just as a disclaimer I don't see children in my future for more than a couple of years. I just love names!
    Loren Elsworth "Orry"
    Jesse Atticus
    Shirley James
    Ford Monroe (just realized that both of these names are presidential...hmm)
    Jody Wilder

    Evelyn Pearl
    Rilla Pauline
    Adelaide Rieta
    Opal Tennessee
    Abilene June "Birdie"

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    Loren Elsworth "Orry" - Loren mmmm I perfer Soren and Elsworth is all last name to me.

    Jesse Atticus - I love Jesse but Jesse needs a diffetent middle name.

    Shirley James - Urgh Shirley is a girls name so no no no!

    Ford Monroe (just realized that both of these names are presidential...hmm) - Mmmm Ford is a SURNAME and a car manufactor enough said?

    Jody Wilder - I don't mind Jody on a boy actually but perfer as a nickname for Jordan. Jesse Jordan would be cute.

    Evelyn Pearl - Classic name.

    Rilla Pauline - No.

    Adelaide Rieta - Adelaide is really growing on me. Rieta is this like Rita?

    Opal Tennessee - Opal. Old fashion jewel and Tennessee is a boys name really like the state.

    Abilene June "Birdie" - NO Abilene is just, no.

    Sorry I'm harsh with names.


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    I LOVE Loren Elsworth. It sounds so cool and hipster. I dislike Rilla, it sounds like a NN for Cordelia or Marisol or something. I just don't like that name. The second best name is Jordan NN "Jody" Wilder. It sounds awesome too. Unlike some people I like LN as FN. So I'm all for Ford, Monroe, and Elsworth.
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    I like Ford Monroe and Evelyn Pearl, but the rest are really not to my taste. Shirley is most definitely a girls name though - it's far to frilly for a boy.
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