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    Next to somewhere.

    What are your biggest GPs?

    Everyone has some, but what are the weirdest, most unusable names on your list?
    Mine are Sunday (g) and Cove (b). Melchior almost got the boys' spot, but at least it's not an extremely common word.

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    The 2nd row of names in my signature are my GPs, but Noa Madeleine and Hera Vivienne almost made the normal list.

    I hate that we had to scrap Noa because it's going to get mixed up with Noah all the time and DH just doesn't like Hera Same with Thessaly June, I think it would be amazing with the nn Tess, but DH disagrees.

    And for a boy I really like..... Boi
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    Mother to darling Mika Felicia and expecting another princess in August

    Iris GenevieveAya CelineCelia MadeleineLeah IsobelFreya ImogenCleo Amabel
    Viva TamsinNina KeslinNoa MadeleineHera VivienneTesla JosephineThessaly June

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    Augustus Lee or Avery Jasper for a boy [Avery made the main list, but just barely]
    Laurel Patience or Dove Carolina for a girl
    Momma of Julius 'Jules' Tate & Eden Sophia

    Rosalie Florence//Laurel Vivienne//Helena Fleur//Flora Josephine
    Isaac Reid//Felix Jasper//Avery Jasper//Emmanuel Felix

    Little One Is Welcomed Around Mid-June

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    I love Linden, Cedar, Beech, Birch, Balsam. My husband points out (unnecessarily) that those are trees. Why does he think I like them??

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    Clover, Amity, Fable, Pilot, Alaska, Theobold

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