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  • Posie

    9 15.52%
  • Willa

    30 51.72%
  • Fleur

    29 50.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Posie, Fleur or Willa?

    Please share your preferences, we keep going around in circles.

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    I love Fleur. Posie is sweet too. But I'm not a fan of Willa. Ultimately, I'd say, go for Fleur as a first name. Yet you should ignore my comments and go with your true heart's desire, even if it's Willa or Posie. Cheers
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    I vote Fleur- its lush, exotic, mysteries, gorgeous, not to frilly but definitely ALL girl. Its not over the top but it is because it is mysteries and exotic sounding. It gives a beautiful imagery when you hear it as in you see a beautiful women not a dusty great-great grandmother with knitting needles and doilies around the home. Much the same imagery you get with the sleek model Capucine but not as spunky as the actress Poppy Montgomery. I hope this decription helps and doesn't confuse you. My best wishes. :-) Ultimately, its your choices and what you feel comfortable with when the time arrives.
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    I dislike Fleur, it sounds pretentious to me. I'd prefer Flora. Willa is my favorite though. Posie is just too cutesy nickname-y.

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    I love Willa. It is sweet and ages well. I'm not really a fan of Fleur or Posie.
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