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    Name Quiz (3 girls) (3 names)

    Post answers if you'd like, and your responses to them!

    Girl #1:

    Mysterious- Marlo
    Cheerful- Carlotta
    Funny- Aurora
    Quiet- Alice

    Pink- Lavinia
    Green- Agatha
    Blue- Aurelia
    Black- Lydia

    Cat- Penelope
    Dog- Hazel
    Mouse- Violet
    Horse- Scarlett

    Girl #2:

    Dress: Dixie
    Pants: Bluebell
    Skirt: Felicia
    Leggings: Alexane

    Hat: Alika
    Headband: Tulia
    Earrings: Salvadora
    Bracelets: Jessica

    Ponytail: Carly
    Braids: Amelia
    Curls: Lavender
    Straight Hair: Chrysanthemum

    Girl #3:

    Gone With the Wind: Breeze
    Catcher in the Rye: Andromeda
    Of Mice and Men: Anna
    Jane Eyre: Kirsten

    Shirt: Anwen
    Tank Top: Zaina
    Tunic: Egypt
    Long Sleeve Shirt: Electra

    Chocolate: Beretta
    Vanilla: Nayana
    Strawberry: Amara
    Mint: Chloe

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    Vote on my list!

    Quote Originally Posted by William Shakespeare
    What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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    DD: Aurora Lavinia Penelope
    DD: Alexane Jessica Chrysanthemum
    DD: Kirsten Anwen Beretta

    "Rory, Lexi and Kirsty"

    These names are all a bit much for me. I love Penelope and Anwen, but all together they're a bit unrealistic—especially the second one! However, for the sake of a game, they were great.
    sylvie beatrice. poppy olivine. imogen ferris. lotus yvette. fauna margo. yana lavender.
    louie matthias. clement wright. hampton hugo. victor rusak. malcolm bruin. freddie walker.

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