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    The third Son...Help!

    I have two sons their names are Allen Charles and Owen Byron... I have a middle name picked out for son number three and a couple first name ideas, but nothing I am in love with yet. So far I have a middle name: Dale...It's my husbands father's name...I am set on Dale as a middle name...

    Edison Dale is what I am thinking so far, but I am not in love with the idea that people will call him Eddie or Ed... What I do like is that all three would begin with a vowel and end with n... also, they are also all last names too... just not sure that's reason enough to use it... Any feedback would be appreciated...

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    Begins with a vowel and ends in n is a little hard, but I think if you drop one requirement you get some other good options.

    Wilson Dale
    Carson Dale
    Warren Dale
    Jasper Dale
    Emmett Dale
    Everett Dale
    Jefferson Dale
    Sullivan Dale
    Nolan Dale
    Hudson Dale
    Damian Dale
    Caden Dale
    Declan Dale
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    I think Edison sounds great as a sibling name. Just correct people when they use Ed or Eddie. Other ideas Evan/Evans, Emerson, Egan, Easton, and Ethan.
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    I think that Edison Dale is lovely! If he introduces himself by his full name then people tend to keep calling them that or they ask and you specify. Other nn ideas are: Dyson, Sonny, Ned X
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    Allen and Owen are both very classic names. Edison is cute but far more trendy.

    What about Edwin? More of a classic.

    There's also Ethan or Evan, which go beautifully with Allen and Owen!

    Elton, Ewan, and Erwin are also possibilities that are surnames, but more traditional.
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