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    1864 names- Your favs?

    What are your favorites? Which name(s) would you consider using?

    For example, I like Bernard Maynard Eustace Theodore and Augustus Kirwan Adelmare. I might nix the Adelmare as it sounds feminine. I like all the rest of the names feel that they are usable in first and middle spots. Your turn? :-)

    GRO Birth Records for England and Wales in 1864.

    Amos & Avis (twins)
    Augustus Kirwan Adelmare
    Baron Rayleigh Hedley Vicars
    Baruch Ash
    Bernard Maynard Eustace Theodore
    Cleanthus Avicenna
    Cleophas Caleb
    Clotworthy John
    Clyde Alexander Vivian
    Colley Edmund George
    Cornish James Elger

    Demas Leonard
    Demosthenes Cicero
    Deodatus Theophilus
    Drewry Octavius
    Dryden Devereux
    Emanuel Valentine
    Esmond Justin Alexander Thomas
    Everard Lancelot
    Ferdinand Wolfgang Amadeus
    Gaius Demetrius
    Hamlet Bertie Bevan Melancthon
    Jabez Rembrandt

    James Plato
    John Chrysostom Henry Peter
    Joseph Innocent Alexander
    Justinian Vernon
    Kilcoursie Jocelyn
    Lambert Josse Ernest Raducan Jules
    Leicester Railway
    Leonidas Richard
    Lewis Nazzareus
    Lot Thomas
    March Leonard

    Robert Maelgwyn
    Shebaniah John Sylvester
    Stacey William
    Stanlake Henry
    Swan Harrison
    Taliesin Wyndham
    Trinley Richard Montagu
    Vaniah William
    Voltaire Ernest

    Wayman Crow
    William Archimedes
    William Hodges Garibaldi Alexander Victor Albert Reginald
    William Nebuchadnezzar
    Wroth Perian Christopher

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    I'm very particular with names that I'd actually use (I've only four I love enough and could commit to to use) but of this list, the ones I find most interesting are Amos, Gaius, Leonidas and Taliesin.

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    My favorites -


    interesting -

    Ferdinand Wolfgang Amadeus
    Joseph Innocent Alexander
    Lambert Josse Ernest Raducan Jules and William Hodges Garibaldi Alexander Victor Albert Reginald (I thought the ones with two or three middle names were mouthfuls. These just seem like a list of names missing the commas.)
    Leicester Railway
    Wayman Crow

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    Hahahaha Clotworthy John, what is up with that? Most of these are beyond ridiculous. Just goes to show, questionable naming decisions aren't a new phenomenon.
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    I'm impressed with the naming in honour of liberal Enlightenment figures -- Voltaire, Mozart, Garibaldi. Wow. Then you can certainly guess the faiths of some of the parents -- Baruch Ash (for Asher), for example, or Joseph Innocent or John Chrysostom. Then some of the Welsh names -- Taliesin, Clyde, Maelgwyn. And the amazing Greek/Roman revival that was occurring at the time. Lastly, the names that were male -- and are now female -- Vivian, Jocelyn, Stacey.

    Of these (aside from Thomas and Caleb, my son's names), I like Taliesin, March (after the Welsh Marches, perhaps?), and my favourites of the English names, Edmund and Albert. Oh -- Melanchthon is the middle name of my great-grandfather, Philip Melanchthon Hammett, Philip Melanchthon being a disciple of Martin Luther.

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