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    Eva - help me love my name!

    Ever since I was little, I have really hated my name (Eva).
    Reasons why I strongly dislike my name:
    - It reminds me of Eve (the first woman from the Bible) which feels like a really awkward reference.
    - It is often mispronounced as Ava or Ev-va (with a short E).
    - It is very similar to Ava.
    - I hate the sound of the letter V.
    - I can't picture anyone being named Eva except myself, and I don't think my appearance or personality matches my name.
    - It doesn't sound pretty to me in any way. It's too short. I wish my nickname was Eva, not my full name.

    So, maybe you guys can tell me what you like about my name? Any opinions, positive or negative, would be much appreciated actually.

    Sorry if this seems like a hopeless case
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    I honestly don't know what to say but I adore the name Eva! It is so pretty to me. Strong but feminine, not overly popular, classy, cute all in one. I know a gorgeous, intelligent little girl called Eva and am considering Eva/Evangeline for a future daughter. My name is Jessica, ridiculously common and boring, I'd trade you any day!

    Also I don't understand people mispronouncing it at all.. it's like mispronouncing Jessica, who does that?

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    Eva is a beautiful name. Sometimes it can be hard to appreciate our own names, they seem so boring and everyday because they are for us. I'm told all the time my name is pretty but I can't see it. I might as well be named Anne. Have you asked your parents why they gave you the name? I know not every parent does this but I chose my children's names with care because I thought they were wonderful and I wanted to connect saying their name to that loving experience. Maybe hearing your parents say it can help you to appreciate the name.

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    I love Eva, actually! I'm not sure I adore it--every now and then I consider taking it off my list--but I think it's so vibrant and full of life (thanks to its meaning!), and the nn Evie's so sweet, and both adorable and spunky at the same time. It's lush, it's down to earth, it's classic--so really, I can see any sort of person with the name. I've met enough Evas (who are totally different when it comes to looks and personalities!) that I don't think it's that limiting. I met an adorable little girl named Eva which is why I have grown to love it so much.

    Out of curiosity, why is the Biblical Eve an odd reference? Sure, she failed, but the God of the universe loved her and her potential future descendents so much that He had a back up plan already in place for them, even before He created her, because He knew she would fail. It's a beautiful story of redemption and hope, imo, and the love of an incredible God. I think I probably see it differently from most people, though. I would love having a name that means "life"!

    I think we all have issues with our names at some point or another--I had issues with my name for about 20 years before I started to see its merit, and while I quite like it now, I still have some serious misgivings about it (not enough to change my name, though). The thing of the matter is, I am Ashley. Much as I'd tried to be Annabel or Lise or Lela or anything else that I could contrive from my name, and much as I've pretended to be Lillian or Eleanor or Lydia, I'm Ashley. I may find it boring, but that's the only thing I know, and a name doesn't have to define everything about you. And who knows, maybe one day you'll really come to appreciate (if not love!) your name. Besides, even if I don't like the process my parents took (Oh, we like Ashley! That's not too popular, right? What sounds good with Ashley? Marie? Okay!)--no meaning, no family ties, no ties to anything weighty or important or inspiring (no nature, no music, no literature, no favorite movie character even, just plain old Ashley Marie. le sigh.)--at least I know they love my name and chose it with all the love they have for me. Even though I support people changing their name if it works for them, I think a lot of people underestimate how truly attached they are to their names, and how hard of an adjustment it would be to be someone else (or something else). Besides, Eva's gorgeous. I'd take Eva over Ashley just about anyday.

    Good luck!
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    I'll save myself the typing and just agree with @ashthedreamer!

    Eva is a gorgeous name!

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