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    Thoughts on our list?

    Could you please comment on our list?

    Eva Lily
    Alice Rosemarie
    Lily Alice
    Maya Grace
    Nina Iris
    Ivy Celine
    Eden Rachel
    Cara Vienne
    Isobel Carys
    Genevieve Rose
    Olivia Rose
    Hazel Vivienne
    Violet Sage

    You can comment on each combo if you'd like, or just tell me the ones you like.


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    These are my favorites: (I think as long as you don’t use both Rose names two out of three of these could make a nice sibset).
    Genevieve Rose
    Hazel Vivienne
    Alice Rosemarie

    Lily Alice - this is the only short-short combo I sort of like. Though the more I say it the more it feels like it’s a misprint/typo of of something like Cialis or some other sort of medication - I think it’s the -EE ending coupled with the Ah- beginning. Maybe Lily Elise or Lily Eloise would work for you - they keep the feel of the original name for me without the medication sound. (Actually I kind of love Lily Eloise despite it’s l heaviness.)
    Maya Grace - nice, sweet but a little boring maybe.
    Ivy Celine - I think I’d prefer Ivy Celina but regardless this is pretty.
    Cara Vienne - I dislike Vienne I think Cara Vivienne would be really beautiful though.
    Isobel Carys - I really like Isobel but Carys leaves me cold.
    Eden Rachel - Eden is nms, regardless I think you have better combos on your list.

    I like all the names in the combo but I don’t like these combos because I find two plant names together weird:
    Violet Sage, and Olivia Rose

    I dislike how short the names in these combos are it gives the combo a bit of a choppy feel to me:
    Nina Iris and Eva Lily
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    Alice Rosemarie- I don't like Rosemarie... However, I LOVE Rosemary (I know, odd). Rosemary just has all the herbal connotations and seems more wholesome. Rosemary Alice is nice.
    Nina Iris- I adore Iris, and Nina is a very sweet, pretty name. The only reason I don't like Nina is because of a few Nina's I have known... This obviously doesn't effect you, so I would say it is a great name.
    Ivy Celine- I LOVE this name, two of my very favourite names. Just a warning though: Celine is a brand name (albeit with an accent: Céline), so you may want to spell it Celene/Selene. Celeste is beautiful too.
    Eden Rachel- Love Eden (my sisters name), but not that fond of Rachel. It flows, but I just don't love it as a name... It just seems a little flat. Eden Iris, Eden Alice, Eden Sage and Eden Cara are all nice.
    Cara Vienne- Beautiful name.
    Isobel Carys- I love the name Carys, but personally, I am a bit over Isobel, as it is very very popular, even with this spelling. It is still a lovely name though. Carys Celine is nice.
    Genevieve Rose- Genevieve is one of my very favourite names. Lovely combo.
    Hazel Vivienne- Beautiful, very classy.
    Violet Sage- I love this, it has such a wholesome, fragrant feel to it.

    Overall, you have amazing taste in names: whatever you pick will be absolutely beautiful.

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    Eva Lily - both of these names are lovely, but if you say it quickly, you could get Evil-ily. What about Lillian Eva?
    Alice Rosemarie - beautiful and timelessly classic
    Lily Alice - this is sweet.
    Maya Grace - pretty
    Nina Iris - Nina feels a little dated, but these two names work together
    Ivy Celine - together, this reminds me of an I.V with saline solution. A really hospitally image. Both names are gorgeous, but maybe not together?
    Eden Rachel - nice!
    Cara Vienne - sounds like Caribbean if you say it quickly
    Isobel Carys - lovely
    Genevieve Rose - nice, but Rose feels overdone in the middle.
    Olivia Rose - with Olivia being so popular, and Rose being so common a mn, I'd skip this combo. Perhaps Olivia Sage?
    Hazel Vivienne - love this!
    Violet Sage - too much nature

    Other combinations I like from your list: Ivy Genevieve, Olivia Celine, Maya Isobel, Olivia Violet, Iris Vivienne

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    These are my top three:

    1. Hazel Vivienne
    2. Alice Rosemarie
    3. Ivy Celine/Selene

    Your combos are great. The only one I'm not crazy about is Cara Vienne (I see how it could sound like caribbean). Olivia Rose... Pretty, but very popular. You really can't go wrong with most of those names, though!

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