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    baby #3 is tricky!

    We are expecting our third in a few weeks. We do not know the gender so we need to have a boy and girl name ready. My daughter is Isla Marion and my son is Grant Matthew. I love the femininity of my daughters name and a strong boys name. The middle name for Baby #3 has to be M. so our options are Marie, Muriel (girls) and Mark and Michael (boy). In the running now are Bryn, Gwen, / Drew, Colin, Cole, Pierce, Reid, Brett (or Rhett). Open to suggestions and opinions! Thanks!

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    Drew is a strong boy name and Reid is also used for girls so I wouldnt use either of those. If you told me you had two children Isla and Drew I would think it was a girl / boy.
    I like Pierce Michael best. Girls I like Bryn Marie.

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    I really like Reid Michael. Bryn Marie is cute also.

    Another suggestion would be Bryn Matilda. Gwen Matilda sounds nice also.
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    I'm not really a fan of Bryn or Gwen with Isla. Maybe Guinevere Marie, nn Winnie? For a boy, I think Drew, Colin, Pierce, Reed (prefer this spelling) or Rhett would work, but I would suggest Reeve. Do Mark or Michael have significant meaning? If not, how about Micah? Reeve Micah?
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